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Asian scientific news

Science paris climate agreement in force by end of 2016      Science sharing agricultural data could spur app innovations to help end global food insecurity


Science inside north korea high tech science center lauds nuclear advances 1

Science nus researchers find new promise in old cancer drug 1

Science 1 in 7 indians is at risk of malaria says who report 1

Science north korea claims successful hydrogen bomb test in self defence against us 1

Science in a first element will be named by researchers in japan 1

Science street lamps tackle dengue by luring mosquitoes with fake human scent

Science e cigarette bans in malaysia spark debate

Science new type of moon rock discovered by china s yutu lunar rover

Science regulator revokes 29 licences for web firms


Science as garbage mountains rise jakarta faces wastes crisis

Science kingdom keeps eye on dengue vaccine

Science this japanese town is on target to produce zero trash

Science chinese firm chief executive says human cloning already possible


Science government urged to step up on hiv funding

Science cop21 india signals willingness to cut coal for climate cash

Science dating apps driving hidden epidemic of hiv infections among young asian males says un

Science japan announces it will start killing whales again in defiance of international ruling

Science baby orangutan left to die in the sun rescued by charity

Science antibiotic resistance world on cusp of post antibiotic era

Science choking smog more than 50 times health guidelines blankets china

Science cuts to free condom program put indian sex workers at greater risk for hiv

Science nasa photos help unravel mystery of ancient kazakhstan settlement


Science health singapore turns to robots to get seniors moving

Science health drug resistant malaria can infect african mosquitoes

Science health first fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation linked cancer

Science health climate change mekong delta heads for troubled waters

Science health fossil teeth place humans in asia 20 000 years early

Science health chinese scientists discover therapy to child obesity

Science health elephant swimming pool installed at japan s fuji safari park

Science health third day with no new mers cases in south korea

Science health china uses tactics from 1950s against shanghai chemical plant protesters






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