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Delicatessen in Phnom Penh

  BONBON - Ice cream maker Tel: 012 823 500
  Master French. Numerous icy flavors and in high-quality sherbet.
  Address: 38 street 63, Phnom Penh
  COMME A LA MAISON / CATERING - Caterer Tel: 023 213 947
  Service caterer, rent of reception hall for seminary, cocktail party, dinner...
  Address: Boeung Keng Kang 1, 13 street 57, Phnom Penh  
  DAN MEATS - Butcher Tel: 012 906 072
  First butcher in Cambodia. A wide selection of quality products.
  Address: 51A street 214, Phnom Penh
                 Street Ekareach, near Lucky Océan, Sihanoukville  
  DIGBY'S - Butcher Tel: 070 340 096
  A great choice of product. We can eat this products in the same place.
  Address: 197 street 63, Phnom Penh
  LA TRADITION - Butcher Tel: 010 351 029
  A wide selection of product without phosphates and without additive made in the maximal sanitary conditions.
  Address: 235B street 19, Phnom Penh
  LE TERROIR - Butcher Tel: 097 861 9367
  A wide selection of product in butcher's shop and delicatessen of vacuum quality. Laboratory in European standard.
  Address: 25 street 302, between 57 and 63, Phnom Penh
  LE VÔTRE - Caterer Tel: 092 638 683
  Delicatessen and French cheese dairy. Salad, prepared dish, speciality... To have a rough time eat in or take out.
  Address: 9A street 178, Phnom Penh

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